Saturday, May 3, 2014

In Search of Mother's Day!

  Choudrant Louisiana Author Donna McManus of The Sugared Violet has just published her first cookbook  "Spread the Sweetness, Jams and Jellies, no longer just for breakfast!" Donna's recipe book is full of great recipes for jams and jellies... made from local herbs, berries, and flowers. The book gives basic jelly making directions and specific details for making special jams and jellies, accompanied by beautiful color photos of finished products! You will most definitely want to try the Honeysuckle Jelly or the Wisteria Petal Jelly, or at least read about how an expert does it!

What a perfect Mother's Day Gift!
Mom will love thumbing through
the book just to look at pictures
 first and she might even
like to try a recipe!

A cross bracelet to suit everyone!
Stretchy, bangle, crab claw closure,
 spiral, and cuffs!

Classy Beaucoup
St. Jeanne Orleans Pendant
and St. Jeanne Isabelle Cuff. St. Jeanne collection is inspired by Joan of Arc.  The designs are symbolic of femininity and strength.

Small Orleans Pendant, Sapphire
Birthstone, Crystal encrusted
Fleur de Lis, and Bird in Nest
with Pearl Eggs.

What's your Passion: Baseball,
Music, Creative Sewing?

Louisiana Proud!
Peach Festival, Louisiana Charm,
and of course Bulldog!

Fancy Fleur de Lis, Bird in Nest,
 and Tulip and Pearl Charms. 
All available in Silver and Gold.

The Tulip and Pearl, Garnet Birthstone,
Fancy Fleur de Lis Charms.

Bohemian  Style Aqua and
Stone Bead Bracelet and Earrings.

The Esperer Gardien (Hope Keeper)
comes with 16 hopes to choose from
to personalize your gift.
You could write your prayer and
tuck it in the Prayer Box as well.

Pearl Necklace and Bracelet
with Easy Toggle Closure!
Add her initial for a
Special Personalized Mother's Day Gift!

Ahhhh Fragrances!
Light or Bold!
Petals and Secret Garden: 
Foamers, Big Soaps,
Soap Dishes, and Lotions

Lemon Basil Foamer, Big Soap, Soap Dish,
Soap Set and Lotion.
The Luxurious Soaps are Triple Milled
and Made in England!

Peony Big Soap and Lotion for Fragrance!
Peony Paper Coasters and
Cocktail Napkins for Entertaining!
Fleur de Lis Box, Purse Manicure Set,
Chunky Table (or wall) Crosses in
Gold and Silver, and Delicate Guest Towels!

In Appearance, but don't eat them!
Cupcake Kitchen (or Time-Out) Timers!

Add a little humor to her cooking!
Mom will love the silly or spiritual
sayings on these wordy spatulas!
The back is conveniently
printed with measuring equivalents.

Copper Stand supports the
Generous Size Elegant
Etched Glass Bowl.
Mom will say "WOW"!