Monday, March 8, 2010

For the Beauty of the Earth... We raise grateful praise!

Ahhhh!   Although the official first day of Spring is not until March 20th *, last weekend was just enough hint to make us giddy for Spring!  I transplanted a few of my grandmother, Dolly's, vintage buttercups from her yard on the farm, to the edge of the woods in my backyard when we built our house (many years ago!).  So glad I did, now I share them with you!

Spring has popped up
everywhere at Lusiana Traditions too! 
 Just take a "peep"
at our lovely Spring colors
to "pretty-up" our homes for Easter!

Mr and Mrs. Bunny deliver
Easter Egg Bath Fizzies
for your baskets!

 Easter Eggs,
graded X-Large, Large, and Small!
Wonderful Bunnies
 All Sizes and Styles!

 Hydrangea Bunnies,
from small and medium to X-Large!
She loves the nibbly little hydrangea carrots too! 

Grandfather Bunny offers tea
to compliment the cookies
he holds within his jar!

 Mr. Bunny lided box is so elegant
for Spring and Easter arrangements!

 Topiary Bunnies hide eggs
in their back baskets!

 Topiary Bunny with giant
Easter Eggs nestled in the grass!

 Pewter Bunny Couple and
 Fusion Glass Bunny plate

  Delicate Spring eggs
nestled on leafy branch,
 tucks into any arrangement for Spring.

 Extra Large Ornate Cylinder Candled,
very elegant Spring decor!

 Scrolled iron legs adorn the large glass bowl:
perfect for your buffet or dining table

 Flying Bunnies center Spring flowers
or grapevine wreaths! 
Or just hang them alone!