Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Once Upon a Time.....

Fairy Tale Princess and the enchanted castle! Perfect for an amazing Princess Party centerpiece, then design her dream room using the fantasy castle and adorable princess!

Fairy Princess!

The perfect centerpiece for a Princess Party, then transform her room with the Fairy Tale Princess and castle! She'll love it!

Enchanted Castle!

Fairy tales boast of the enchanted castle and here it is! Easel back for shelf and includes a stake for outdoors! Birthday Bash perfect!
Party Poodle!
Party Spot!
Wild Cat!

Party Animals!

The party's at our house! Oh! You Party Animals! Feisty little animal stake set to celebrate everyone's birthday!

Happy Day! There's A Birthday Celebration Going on Here!

Birthday Celebration centerpiece or plant/yard stake! Announce it to the world! It's a great day! It's someone specials birthday!

I Can Do It!

They will recognize their very own Personalized Toddler Sippy Cup in the crowd! You know how independent toddlers are: I can do it! No! Mine! Your tots initial can be monogrammed on fun sassy liners tailored just for him or her!

Nothin' Says Lovin' Like Somethin' From the Oven!

Homemade Coconut Pie, Red Velvet Cake, Heart shaped Tea Cakes, or Million Dollar Fudge! Oh My! You can't beat that! 700 recipes full and a documentation of the Parnell family times gone by! $15

Dream, Dream, Dream!

Valentine Ballerias dance the night away on white guest towels to spruce up your place.

And They Loved Happily Ever After!

Once Upon a Time! Ribbit, Ribbit, Ribbit! Prince Charming Frog quotes "Love 'ya Honey" (Carla & Judy) from his real life legend! As we all know, in fairy tales they lived happily ever after, an addendum: we can love happily ever after!

Be My Valentine!

Swing our "Be Mine" garland over your kitchen cabinets or under the mantel! Tempting sweets have fewer calories on delicious note cards. Fill a generous red striped mug with cocoa or tea and heart napkins to serve with your yummiest confection of choice! The "Girl Friend's Cake Stand" will display the sweetest little six inch cake for your best heart friends. Petite heart bowls in pink, white, and red hold our delicious dips, sweet or savory!

Yooooou Send Me! Darlin' You Do!

You might have to kiss a few frogs to find the Prince! Or maybe the Prince is just inside those big brown eyes! "Kiss Me" frog can watch over your plants inside or out. Conquering his fear of heights, he also loves sitting on shelves just waiting for his opportunity to show his love!

Let Me Call You Sweetheart!

"L-O-V-E" heart at your door and a ruffly polka dot valentine stake in your yard definitely say "Be my Valentine" ! The crimson salt and pepper set will brighten your kitchen during the lull after Christmas. I think it's the perfect choice celebrations all year long!

Fill a sassy little dotty basket with favorite Valentine treats for your nearest and dearest! Warm hearts with the glow from our Fleur de Lis lantern!