Saturday, February 11, 2012

Queen for a Day! Valentine's Day!

Vintage Style Scarves
Beautiful soft colors and design!

Cross Bracelet and Necklace

Vintage Romance
Daffodil Heart
Based on heirloom silverware patterns
from the late 1800's to early 1900's.

Lovely Scarf or Shawl
Delicate lace edge

Silverware Inspired Jewelry
Whimsical Owl Necklace

Fleur de Lis Necklace and Ring

Spring Sparrow
Very Nice!

Peacock Silverware Inspired Necklace

Heart Bracelet
Heirloom Silverware

Silver, CZ, and Black Bracelet

 Welcome Spring!
Fuchsia and Blue Butterfly Scarf

Multicolored Fleur de Lis Necklace

Bracelets!  Something for Everyone!

Stack Bracelets

Fleur de Lis Stretch Necklace

Grey and Clear Stretch Beads

Fleur de Lis Ring

Love Fleur de Lis necklaces in all colors!

Multicolor Bracelet and Necklace!
Great Valentine!

Necklace and Earring Set!
Plus a Bracelet too!
No need to add charms!

Flowing Yellow and Lavender Butterfly Scarf!

New Twist on Pearls!

"King of Mardi Gras" Guest Towel

Krewe Of Gator!
Special Order Guest Towel
(We have one in stock!)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dream a Little Dream of YOU!

"Love" Art Elaborately Framed!

Wordy Sweet Treats!
Marshmallow Word Heart Lollipops!

Conversation Phrases!

Say it with CANDY!

Sweet Sayings!

Gathered in Cranberry Bowl!

Blessing Banner across Polka Dot Cross!

Bling and Glitz! 
Makeup Brushes and Tweezers!

Blingy Hearts Makeup Brush!
Push up Brush!

Vintage Valentine Plates!

For Candy...

Key to my Heart
Just the right size for
center of Poly Mesh Wreaths!

For Potpourri...

Roasted Espresso, Lemon Ice Box Cookies, Vanilla Pound Cake, French Vanilla Bean, Gingerbread...
All in decorative pottery pots, birds and frogs!

For Delicate Soaps!

Sweet Talk Soaps!
Set of ten conversation Soaps!

Heart Soaps packed in round boxes!

Just Say the Word!

Favorite Twist of words!

Perfect Couple!
Matching Set of Polka Dot Hearts!

Butterfly Heart Lip gloss for Little Ones!

Wild Thing!
Make your statement!

Floating Hearts Painted Guest Towel!

Love these Bling decorated Tweezers!

Tiny Little "I Heart You" Sign!

Cute! Cute! 
Heart necklace on Stretch bead cord!

Stretchy Heart Necklace in Gold and Silver!

Is Your Place
Your "Love Shack"!

Stretchy Heart Necklace on
Black and  Clear Beads

Believe in Love!
All Year Long!

Key to My Heart!

Conversation Emery Boards!

Just Say the Word!

Bless Your Lil' ol' Heart!
How Southern is That!

Drop by for Valentines for your Honey, Little Sweeties, and Your Best Friends!
New Goodies arrive everyday, we can't get the boxes unpacked fast enough!
See You Soon!
Miranda Parnell
Lusiana Traditions
Hwy.80 @ the Caution Light
Downtown Choudrant, LA