Monday, February 21, 2011

Mardi Gras Entertaining!

Casual Entertaining:
Crawfish Platter
Ruby Red Pitcher and Glasses

Tear Shape
For Display or Table

Capture the Cross

Large Old Rugged Cross
Recycled Tin from Hurricanes

Rustic Green Dotted Cross

Fleur de Lis Platters
Cream in Large or Small Square

Turquoise Dot Cross

Large Rectangular Fleur de Lis Platter
Add a Small Square Bowl for Versatility!

Gorgeous Round Crawfish Platter
Very Nice Gifting!
Of Course! 
You Can Have One Too!

Small Yellow Dot Rustic Cross

Oh, Unbreakable Pitcher and Tumblers! 
 I'm in Love with You!
My Practical and Extravagant Sides
Both Appreciate You!