Friday, June 29, 2012

Summertime, Summertime, Sum-Sum Summertime!

What do Grandparents do during the Good Ole' Summertime?

Spend as much time as possible

with our GRANDS!

I'm sorry to have neglected you the past few weeks!
We've been having lots of fun with the Grands in Ruston and Texas
 and I've been giving driving lessson to our oldest Grandson!
I have a video of that, but he forbid me to post it!
We really enjoyed the Texas bunch too!  They came to Bible School at Della's Church (Temple Baptist) for the week and I can't tell you how much they enjoyed that!  They are still singing the songs and recalling what a great time they had!  Thanks to all of you teachers and helpers!  It was wonderful!
In their spare time we enjoyed their company, but first...

Our "Grand" Announcement!

We are expecting our 5th GRAND in October!

So Soft Baby!  So Soft!
We already love our new baby!
It's a Girl!
Mason may be outnumbered,
but it also makes him and daddy
 Kings of the Castle!

Three of our precious darlings
posing for pics after church,
right before Sunday Dinner!

Not our favorite thing to do
in 90+ degree weather,
 but we'll humor
Mawmaw and Aunt Paula!
See Kate?  This is how it's done!
OK!  Now let me!

Mason Man doing what comes naturally!
MM loves "driving" Pop's tractor!

Kate takes the wheel!
Girls can drive too!

Caroline's not so sure!

Nope, don't think I will!

I said no, I don't want to!

Definitely No!

Y'all can have fun driving,
I just enjoy watching!

Mason Man making a play-doh
Mawmaw sculpture!

Kate's portrait of Mawmaw!
We spend a lot of time
painting and sculpting
on the back porch
during the summer!

And inside!

Kate and Caroline like Games too!

We laughed and laughed!
Mawmaw had to slide down
the chutes a bunch of times!
We played Chutes and Ladders
 for over an hour!
They are so sweet about encouraging
each other and Mawmaw!
They are very good sports!
We played Candyland too!
At one point Caroline had to
put the game away because
she was beating me so badly!
(Her merciful idea!)

Funny Kate and her mittens!
Taking pictures with her camera!
Maybe it was just
wishful thinking for cooler weather!

After their Louisiana visit,
we traveled back to Texas and
did our Dallas Market work!
Kate's favorite part is the
goldfish pond in the
atrium of the Trade Mart!
Kate in her Cooking Party apron!
The girls made pizza and cinnamon pull aparts at the Cooking Birthday Party!
Right up Her alley!

We had birthday parties to attend!
Leaving for the Princess Party,
where we were made up,
crowned, and bejeweled!

Secret Mirror Shots!
After the Princess Party
C found herself in the mirror at home!

Look at my lipgloss!

Singing and Dancing!
The Fruit of the Spirit is
Love, Joy, and Peace...

Captured Mirror Swishing!

Caroline setting the table and
folding napkins for supper!
She's left handed,
I don't know if that makes a difference
 in the placement of the
upside down silverware?

We had a fun time in Dallas at Market and playing with the Grands!  Time just slips away too fast!  I hope you can forgive me if I wasn't at the shop to greet you, but sometimes my heart just longs to see these little "Dude and Dudettes" !

Now just to show you I haven't forgotten about you,
I've slipped in a few pics of our recent new arrivals!

Since this post is mostly about my Grands:
This is for the kiddos of course!
Fruity Little Owl Lip Gloss!

For Kids of All Ages!
Ice cream Cone Fans!
Cool down with a battery powered Fan!
I think these are perfect
for this 100+ weather!

See how cute!
Strawberry, Vanilla, and Chocolate Colors!
Cool Idea!

Pack up you picnic lunch and drinks
 for the beach in this
 cool Zebra insulated tote!

Keep your Beverage Cool too!
Bejeweled FDL and Peach Koozies!

Hot!  Hot!  Hot!
and Not Just the Weather!
Tons of Cool New Bracelets!
Leather Wrap and Snaps, Hearts, Crosses...

Closer View!

Close up!

You'll Love these for casual summer looks
and on into the fall for...
should I even mention....Back to School!

Birthday Applique T-Shirts and Matching Bows!
Our Monogram Lady is
Foot Loose and Fancy Free this summer!
She would love to outfit your cutie pie
with a Minnie shirt! 
Have Nana's Bows too!
This cute bow was designed to
coordinated with our birthday shirt!

Summertime grilling calls for our yummy dip mixes and gorgeous dip bowls, spreaders, spoons,
and scoops!

4th of July  Barbecues!
Don't forget the dip!

And for your man...
(or should we say really us ladies!)
Spray before you go bathroom spray!
Just spray in the pottie before you go
and odor is eliminated!

Pocket or Purse size is so convenient
 for keeping our business discreet!

Lots of goodies await you at Lusiana Traditions!
and a Summer Sale too!
What more could you ask for!
Lusiana Traditions

Hwy 80 at the Caution Light!
Downtown Choudrant!

Due to Hwy 80 Construction Work
I suggest that you
Come by I-20, Choudrant exit,
South on Hwy 145 
We're at the intersection of
Hwy 80 and Hwy 145

Just call 318-768-2460
See you soon!
Miranda Parnell
Lusiana Traditions