Friday, October 22, 2010

Welcome Home Fall!

Ahhhhh!  It's Fall! 
Welcome Home! 
It's sooooo good to finally see you!
Ribbon Plate for all occasions.
Change out the ribbons for each season
 or any occasion. 
 Add an erasable message:Welcome, Welcome Home, Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas....

Add a magnetic topper just for fun! 
Fall Pumpkin, Santa Hat, Patriotic Flag,
 Spring Flower, or Baby Carriage
Welcome Fall, Santa, Spring, or New Baby!
Honor our Country and Veterans on each Patriotic Holiday: 4th of July, Veterans Day, Flag Day,
President's Birthdays, Memorial Day!

Change out ribbon colors with each holiday
or event: Birthdays, Fall, Halloween,
Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter!