Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Getting Ready for Easter!

Perk up your Wreath with
Kaleidoscopic Easter Eggs!

Crepe Paper Eggs of Many Colors!

Sequin Easter Bunny
On the Road Again!

Mr. Bunny Egg Tray

Sweet Bunny Candy Dish

Bunny and Chick Tray with matching
Plates and Bunny Dip Bowls! 
Funky Bunny Couple Guest Towels

Precious Easter Bunny Couple

Sparkled Vintage Bunny
Balanced on Egg!
Little Bunny to Tuck in Your Decor!
Also in pink, white, and yellow!
Glitter Vintage Bunnies!
Bunnies everywhere!
Platters, Plates, and Bowls!

Sweetest Little Sparkle Bunny Couple