Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gift for the Home, for the Bath, or Jewelry = Special Gift for MOM!

Whether her favorite "pastime"* is
making the home more homey,
showing off the kiddies or grands,
munching yummy delicacies,
or savoring a luxurious bath, we can help!
*As if she has time for a pastime!

Special Sunflower Notes for the
long forgotten art of letter writing!
Delete the Email or TXTng!
Send a note of love & appreciation,
 congratulations, or thank you!

Clever little book boxes of notes. 
Each box has 20 notes to suit
special hobbies or loves:
flowers, songbirds, historical chairs,
chic fashion, musical instruments.

Oh my goodness!
LOVE this Peach-Raspberry soap!!!!!
If we just had "fragrance-o-Monitor"!
Two bars of the most luxurious bath soap,
 boxed in elegance.

Just look inside!
You can almost smell and feel how
fabulous a bath will be!
In Peach Raspberry, Bergamot Tea,
 and Primrose!

Ladybugs always Inspire!
Platters, bowls, and notes
with our little red and black dot friends!

Fresh from the Garden!
Saucey Tomato Pitcher for a touch of color in the shelves.Would be  very nice overflowing with colorful summer flowers, zinnias maybe?
Add a yummy cucumber melon candle and voila' Garden!

The Latest! Red Hot off the presses:
Initial Insignia pendants!
Choose her single initial or her initial + children's
(or grand's!) initials, and/or a sweet symbol charm:birthstone, heart, cross, pearl, or a
 small bling Fluer de Lis!
If she's a Fleur de Lis connoisseur,
 she will LOVE our insignia pendant!