Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break With the Texas Grands!

The Grands and Their Bunny Hutch!
This is what we did during their Spring Break!
Love the Missing Tooth Grin!

Tiny Blue Bunny
Just Right to Tuck into a Special Spot!

Mr. Easter Bunny Cookie Jar
Mr. Easter Bunny Himself, Serving Tea! 

Porcelain Gardening Bunnies
Large Size for Emphasis!
Use Salt and Pepper Size in Arrangements!

Kate-Kate and her Louisiana Groovy Girls!

Tiny Pink Bunny
Perfect for an Easter Keepsake!

And I Believe These Two Will
Live Happily Ever After!

Cross and Ribbon Bookmarks:
Easter Remembrance Gift!

Caroline and Mawmaw at
Spring Market in Dallas Again!
Caroline likes going to the "Busy Market"!

Sparkling Giant Rustic Wooden EASTER!
Decorated with Bunny and His Carrot!
EASTER is flanked by
White Pineapple Beverage Dispenser
and Extra-Large Hydrangea Bunny!

Pastel Metal Bunnies tucked in special places!
Cream Fleur de Lis Platter:Rectangle, Square, Round, Oval, and Small Bowl!
Pewter Bunny Dish, FAMILY Frame,
and Pink Hydrangea Bunny.
Green Baroque Bowl, great for all seasons!
God is Good Color Block and Yummy Whoopie Cream! for soothing work weary hands!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Fresh!

Bunnies, Bunnies Everywhere!

Spring Platters, Frames, & Gifts!
Blessing Cross, Cross Boookmarks,
Cross Bordered Note Blocks! 
Big Bunnies & Small Bunnies 
in Platters & Bowls and
Napkins and Dish Towels

Colors and Shapes!
Cute Little Bunny Dishes,
 Just Right for Jelly Beans!
Pretty Sugared Bunnies on
Spring Egg or Easter Egg!

Funny Bunnies!
Tumbling Bunnies
Perform Stunts for a Carrot!

 Spring has Sprung!
Towels, Decorative Clocks, Bunnies,
 Fleur de Lis Platter,  Napkins, Frames

Pottery Urn, Baroque Platter Bowl with Handles, Sugared Bunny on Easter Egg and Believe Clock!

Orange Blossom Melamine Platter,
Tray, Bowl, and Spoon Rest!
Durable and Beautiful!

Sugared Bunny on Easter Egg

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Brake for Spring!

Take Time for
Spring Entertaining!

Small Desk Clock

Pink Hydrangea Bunny
Sweeten Spring!

Slow Down!
Sit on the porch, deck, patio...
Sip a little lemonade, wine, water...
Savor Family and Best Friends!

Mr. Bunny Cookie Jar Serves Tea
with His Cookies!

You Funny Bunnies!
Mini Bunny Bowls Set of Three

Sweet Iced Tea Tumblers
Matching Pitcher!
Clean:Dishwasher Safe
Gorgeous:Green, Red,
Cobalt Blue, and Clear!

Believe Desk Clock

Chick and Bunny Decorated
Lattice Platter for Easter

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Here Come the Bunnies!

Sugared Easter Easter Bunny
sits atop "EASTER" Egg

Easter Purple Stained Glass
Bottle and Cross

Fairytale Easter Bunnies
Sweet Couple!

Turquoise Blue Leaded Cross
with Cream Velvet Ribbon
for hanging
Stained Glass Cross topped Bottle

Pink, Blue, and Yellow
 Embossed Metal Bunnies
Easel back for easy placement!
Floral Embossed Yellow Metal Bunny
Tucked Away in Daisy Garland

Tall Handsome Garden Bunny Boy
He's also available in a miniature size!

Bright, Bright, Bright!
Giant Re-cycled Tin Easter Egg
Jumbo Garden Bunny Girl
Also available in Tiny size

Welcome your Spring guests with
JUMBO Carrot!
Individually made from
hurricane salvaged tin!

Welcome Spring!