Friday, March 30, 2012

Cottontail Tea

Join us Saturday Morning at our 
Cottontail Tea!
Sip a little Cottontail Punch,
Nibble a melt away Cookie
and Carrots with our yummy Dips!
Browse all of our Spring
additions for your Home!
We have loads of fanciful Bunnies
and time-honored Rabbits
for your pleasure! 
Elegant Birds and charming Birdies
and their Nests!
Don't forget the kiddos,
lots of unique goodies for their baskets!

Vintage Glittered Bunnies fit right in
with your everyday design.
Freshen up your Spring Home with
a Candle Stick or two!
Elegant platters, bowls, and urns
in white or color!

Sweet Little Bunny!
Lavender and Pink Hydrangea Bunnies
 tucked in just the right places!

This Little Bunny would be great
all spring and summer long!
Colors:Sunshine Yellow,
Turquoise Blue, and Soft White

All of our dips have been sampled
and they are Quite Tasty!
We can fix up a "Little Happy"
gift with a cute little bunny spreader!
Grilling Season is Here,
so stock up on all flavors!

Looks like Peter and Mopsy
have been in Mr. McGregor's Garden!
They don't look very mischievous to me!

Another Very Nice Easter Gift!
Also, a Cross Bookmarks
make a nice addition
 to an Easter basket
with a Bible or book!
Sweet Little white bunnies,
 sets of three or six!
Love the vintage vanity tray;
comes in three sizes!

Pink Flowering Quince:
 just add to a pot of twigs=Springtime!
Love the elegant honey dripped pot,
rustic white platter, and frame. 
Add new canvas prints to complete the look!

Vintage Happy Easter Plaque
mixed with over-sized Easter Eggs
and Greenery and Floral Garland!
Handsome Green Urn stands
with White Candle Sticks

Bird magnets hold your photos or notes
on the metal nest memo board!

Botanical Egg Napkins:
Buffet, Luncheon, and Cocktail Sizes!
Teal Peacock candle matches
for the Butter cream Vanilla Frog Candle!

Historic Elegance!
Vintage wire Cage and Pillar Candle Holders

Antiqued Aqua Owl Bookends


Very Special Easter Gift for Her!
Raised Copper Initial Pendant
encased in gold on a Gold Beaded Chain

Little Fellas Love our Scuba Frogs
for the tub!
Something good for their Baskets!

Tweeny Girls!
Secret invisible pen
and their Secret Diary!

Owl Coin Purse!
Basket Size and lots of fun!

Little Bath time Buddies!
Frog, Duck, or Bunny Bath Mitt
and a Wind up Toy to match!

Yucky! Messy! Glows in the Dark!
What more can you ask for...
if you're a child!

Pull-back Sky Hawk Plane
Fun for the Little ones!
Ladybug Headband!
Wet Weather
calls for Froggy Umbrellas!
Easter too!
Ladybug Umbrella
Easter and Birthday Gifts!

Love the Springtime Headbands!
Frog, Ladybug, Butterfly, and Bee!
New twist on the bunny ears!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Garden Bunnies
Stone Garden Frame
Flower Pot Candle
Favorite Fleur de Lis Serving Pieces

Rustic Candle Holders
Displaying Leaf Balls

Open Work Bird Canister
Easter Bunnies

Bunnies for your Table, Buffet, Mantel, Shelves
Your imagination is the place to put them!

Hydrangea Bunnies
Nest and Egg Branch just
tuck in around existing everyday pieces
Voila!  Spring!  Easter!

Year Round Green Bunny on Pedestal
Pedestal Candle Holder
Pottery Lear Platter

Turquoise Books for your
 Thanks Giving Journal
Bunnies Frame and "Ooh La La" Smelling Candles!

Amazing Stone Candlesticks
Mr. & Mrs. Bunny Figures
Fleur de Lis Powder Room Soaps
Feather Duster Powder
on Vintage Tray in Three Sizes

Owl Pictures Background
Taupe Serving Pieces to Display and Use
Hydrangea Bunny and Spring Bird's Nest

Vintage Happy Easter Sign
Or Use it on Mantel or Arrangement on Shelves

Fleur de Lis Jar
Spring Napkins
White Porcelain Bunnies
Background Stone Candlesticks

One Piece Mantel Photo Frames
Golden Globe and Iron Votive Candle Holder
Glitter Bunny and Egg
Fragrant Soaps
Fleur de Lis Baker

Spring Birdie Magnets on Metal Memo Board

Decorative Memo Board displays
Dragon Fly and Bee Magnets

Glitter Bunnies
Bunny Deviled Egg Tray
White Candle Sticks

Now for the Fun Stuff!
Buggy Headbands!

Bath Mitts and Toy
Frog, Bunnies, and Duck!

Frog Umbrella
Be prepared for the next downpour!

Easter Basket Stuffers Kids
All Ages!
Fold-up Brush
Bling Emery Boards

Lady Bug Umbrella
Easter Baskets
The Next Birthday Party Gift?!

Hatching Egg
Spring Chick
Check out the progress
on our facebook page!

Spring Rings!
Bee, Lady Bug, and
Butterfly Lip Gloss Rings

Hatching Chick
All Hatched Out!

Manicure Kit for her Basket!

Frog and Princess Tic Tac Toe Game
Flower Wand Bubble Bath

Petal Pusher
Light-UP Pens