Sunday, March 29, 2009

Going to the Chapel and We're Going to get Married!

The first choice gift of our registered brides is always the Wedding Invitation Plaque! Just bring wedding invitation itself and we will have it made into a memorable gift for the bride and groom. It takes about 5 weeks, so bring it as soon as you get it! Also the invitation must be clean and I'd suggest leaving it in the original envelope for protection. We have an very nice iron Fleur de Lis stand for displaying the plaque. Some mothers-of-the-bride bring the invitation early so they can display the plaque at the wedding reception. We've even had a few who have brought the invitation years later for a special gift for their daughter at Christmas or for the birth of their first baby! Speaking of babies, we can also have a soft blue, pink, or green birth announcement plaque done with all the statistics of the new baby! Great memorable gifts!
The initial candles come in two sizes: the large, which is shown, and a votive size for a "Little Happy". Yummy fragrances! Bride and groom guest towels match our pastel dot or pastel bordered guest towels.
Favorite on most bridal registries is the wonderful bakeware! I love it! They come in large or small rectangular, oval, and square casseroles which are oven, microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe! Great colors: linen, chocolate with linen inside, linen, ice blue, taupe, and paprika! What more could we ask for...color, shape, useful, and durable!
Salt and Pepper set in taupe is available in wheat, red, and cream. See other pics on this page for other colors and pieces like: memo board, coasters, and spoonrest! Variety of pieces, colors, and prices!
The new couple will also need a photo album for the pics from the wedding and honeymoon. Again, see other pics on this blog for more colors, styles, and sizes.
Just a heads up for a great Christmas gift to consider: These albums make a perfect keepsake gift for family members of the wedding couple and be sure to tuck in the pics from the wedding which include them!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Custom Monogrammed T-Shirt

Little fellas can look sharp and still be real boys! Doggie faces bookend personalized initials or name on white t-shirts for a classic and playful look. We can also machine embroider LTU Bulldogs, LSU Tigers, and farm animals surrounding a single initial. Many other ideas too, Sharp!

Life's Just a Bowl of Cherries!

I pick Matching sister outfits for Easter, Spring, on into Summer! Cool blue and white pinstripe cotton dresses smocked with cherry clusters. Just adorable! Caroline gives bunnies and ducks a test drive and sweet Kate Kate shares her bucket of goodies.

What's in the bucket?
Here's your Easter Treat!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Little Easter Happies!

For Easter Baskets, Pokeno or Bunko prizes, Birthday, even think ahead: Mother's Day and Graduation! Remember the cute shoe notecards and hefty bow tied notepads! Monogrammed jewelry, initial pendants, candles, soaps, notepads are special treats. Book notecards in songbirds, tulips, peonies, dragonflies, historic chairs, and chic Paris fashion keep etiquette alive: write a note. For Easter give or use generously sized tulip and bunny rabbit cup towels! Granny Bee candles are in: Creme Brule' (we should serve it with a spoon!) and the best blueberry muffin candle that smells like fresh baked buttered blueberry muffins. Close your eyes and click your heels! There's no place like home!

See you soon! We'll keep the gate open!

Miranda Parnell

Lusiana Traditions

Hwy. 80 @ the Caution Light

Downtown Choudrant, LA

phone: 318-768-2460

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Love Louisiana in the Springtime!

If you need some hop in your step, just drop in to Lusiana Traditions for a little bunny or a big bunny! Bunny teapots, bunny salt & peppers, bunny boxes, bunny figurines, and lots of very colorful eggs!

Queen of everything and Princess of quite a lot! Of course she should live in a castle. Enchant the birthday girl's party entrance and welcome guests with metal princess and castle . Use included stake for entrance welcome or easel back for party theme centerpiece. After the party, create her fairy tale room.

Just a few Party gifts for girls: Flower Power bath gel wand or lipstick pens!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Buzzing Sibling Sets!

Ready? Set? GO! Off to Spring! Cute smocked and appliqued outfits for spring and summer! Busy bees smocked outfit for babies and faithful lab applique for big toddler boys! Sweet Things!

The Other Third!

Cute sibling sets, but how do you get those siblings to show off at the same time? New vocabulary word for the day: Cooperation! HA! Try "NO. Kate Kate not sit in the chair now."! Mawmaw's new vocabulary word: patience

Elegant Gifts

The dupioni silk photo album embellished with Mother of Pearl button and satin ribbon-very nice! Isabella casserole dishes in many colors, shapes, and sizes are perfect for brides new and experienced!Elegant white urn available in three sizes.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bling Into Spring!

Beautiful Beautiful Butterfly on glitter heel pump note cards!
Touchy feely feather on blingy spiky pumps notecards!

Bling topped stiletto pumps note cards!

Pansy adorned leopard spike heel pump notecards!

Bling dot strappy red pump note cards!

Take Note!

Organize your day on generous sized perky bow topped notepads! State you case with your signature message: Chocolate makes it all better! Thank God for Girlfriends! Seriously! or images: Fleur de Lis, Crosses, or Peace, Love & Margaritas!

Spring Basket and Bucket Full!

Spring Towels for your kitchen!
Bright spring colors and characters from bunnies to chickens.

Lots of Bunnies and Tulips for Spring!

The Perfect Casserole!

Microwave, Freezer, Oven, to Table perfect! Beautiful too in the Isabella pattern. We have a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors: this perfect green, linen, chocolate & linen, ivory, sky blue, and creamy yellow! Add this to your Wish List!

Choices Choices! Little Tomato!

Large round and rectangular vegggie plates for display or serving!

Fruit and Veggies!

Use Lemon and Tomato platters and matching fruit and veggie for display or serving! Set of small plates include colorful lemon, pear, artichoke, and tomato with a variety of background colors.
Spice up your life! Brides, old and new, love to add these great pieces to their gift registries! Ceramic memo board, salt and pepper in stand, coasters, and spoon rests are available in this great new red, neutral taupe, mossy green, and cream! We can order other pieces: platters, pedestal bowls, canisters, oil & vinegar sets!
Handy memo board with dry erase marker available in red, taupe, moss green, and cream.

Salt and Pepper in stand are available in this great red, taupe, mossy green, or cream.

Beeaauuttiiffuull! New jewelry is in! April and I are back from market with our great finds! Lots of price friendly beads and bling bling crosses, plus PEACe symbol necklaces and earrings!

Turquoise bead and earring sets matched up with crosses with magnetic or clip closures. That means you can multipurpose your necklace alone or with the cross and you can use the cross on other necklases as well! What a find!