Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Little Helper at Market!

Mawmaw's Little Helper!
Just getting started!

Coins in the fountain!

First Showroom!

Cupcake Platter!  Caroline's Pick!

Glass Block Frame

Fleur de Lis trimmed Glass Bowl

Get Ready for that Crawfish Boil!
Oval glass dish and crawfish fork!
I love the little trinkets for my backpack
that the nice ladies gave me!
Mom and Mawmaw purchased some
for all of you to have one too!

 Crawfish Time!
Crawfish trimmed round glass dish

Peek-a-boo!   I see you!
Sales Reps like to play too! 

Glass Block Frame for the children!

"The Grands" Glass Block Frame
Cool travel trailer built to display
all the homey accessories!
It's just my size!

Caroline was wonderful!
She is a great little "Junior Buyer"!