Friday, April 1, 2011

Easter Bake and Take:Cookies and Crafts!

Cupcake Platter for all of your
Spring Goodies!

Bunny & Chick Dish Towels
Coordinating Stripes and Towels
Wonderfully Spring Colors!

Must Have:A Little Milk With
Our Easter Cookies!

The Texas Grands L-O-V-E
 Baking and Decorating Easter Cookies!

Perfect Polka Dots for Clean-Up Time!
Nice Set of Three:Blue, Yellow, and Green
Ahhhh!  Spring!  Finally Dare I Say It?
You're Here!

"Little Spring Happies"
For Your Best Friends or Yourself!

Easter Eggs Easy Kind!
We Like Our Crafts Too!

Beautiful Kate!
Kate really likes anything crafty!
She created multiples of everything!

We wear our pajamas all morning
when we bake and play!
(Complete with Hot Wheels necklace!)