Friday, July 8, 2011


New Votive Size for the
Candle Fragrances We LOVE!

Double Color or Wear it Long!
Multi-Colored Stones and
Matching Earrings

More Pottery Votive Holders
for Yummy Fragrances:
Vanilla Pound Cake, Lemon Ice Box Cookies,
Apricot-Blackberry, and Roasted Espresso!

Slinky Bracelets in
Copper and Gun Metal
Love the Feel of These on the Arm!

Choices Choices!
Single Votive Size
Choice of Pot and Choice of Fragrance!

Gorgeous Filagree and Pearls!
Vintage Silver or Gold Bracelets

Candles in Red Daisy Pottery
and Great Fragrances too!

Pottery Frog as well as Bird for
Very Interesting Candles!

Bling and Black with Chains=Perfect Bracelet Combination!

Easy Magnetic Closure Bracelet!
Very Pretty!
Beaded Loops Create a Big Statement!
Matching Bead Earrings!

Love the Birds?
Pottery Bird Candles in Brown and Coral
holding Fabulous Scents!

Golden Brown Daisy Too!

Chains and Pearls for Dress-UP or
Casual Affairs!