Monday, December 21, 2009

We Say "Merry Christmas" Around Here!

Why of Course!  We Say Merry Christmas
Feliz Navidad!  Joyieux Noel!

Rejoice and Proclaim "Joy to the World"!

When we found this special Nativity we just had to get it for you! Look closely, it's different: All eyes are on Baby Jesus. And, I love that it has the Christmas Story scripture from the gospels engraved in the robes of every figure, from Mary and Joseph and the Angel to the shepherd and wisemen. I just want to stand in front of it and ponder the miracle!

Oh, Worship the King!

Beautiful Christian Ornaments!

Madonna and Child

We Three Kings

Beautiful Crosses

Chrysallis Butterfly

Inspirational Calendar with Scripture and artwork on
every page motivates us to be better!

The cross is for everyone!
Graffiti cross appeals to younger set especially!


Christmas isn't just a holiday; it's a magical time of the year! It's the celebration of the Birthday of The King! Jesus Christ! The "Reason for the Season"!  It's so clear! The "magical" part is the effect He has on all of our hearts, we all seem to Love One Another more, overflow with love for those we know, even those we don't know. Yes, I'm going to ponder the miracle once again and love more next year!  So Merry Christmas Y'all!

Love ya' Honey!
Miranda Parnell
Lusiana Traditions
@ the Caution Light
Downtown, Choudrant, LA