Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Little Happies for Mom!

Simply Elegant Cross Bookmark
Pearl Studded Green Cloisonne' Cross
Ivory Satin Ribbon

Pearl and Rhinestone Studded
Gold Cross with Ivory Satin Ribbon

A REAL Treat!  Bee Bar Lotion
Fab Subtle Fragrances: Vanilla, Hawaiian,
Lavender, and Non-Scented.
Available in purse size also.

Dry those sniffles!
Fleur de Lis Embellished White
Porcelain Tissue Cover

Practical Platter for decor or serving

Nice Fleur de Lis Detail

Sea Shells by the Sea!   Spreaders trimmed with authentic sea shells.
Match up with white basket weave dip bowls
and some of our delicious dip mix!