Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sweet Babies!

Elephants Pink and Green!
Burp and Bib in the cutest elephant print!

New Baby Gifts
in the cutest prints and appliques!
Elephants, Monkeys,
Turtles,Owls, and Cowboys!

Blue, Brown, and Orange!
Love this Mama and Baby Elephant Print!
Very nice terry lined bibs
make a sweet gift!

Monkey Appliqued Bib
trimmed in coordinating print.

For Your Little Chunky Monkey!
Applique Burp, Bib and Onesie!
Onesies fit 13-18 lbs.
Ideal gift for new baby or 3-4 mo. baby!
They will have something to wear as
they outgrow those newborn outfits!

Monkey See, Monkey Do!
Blue Monkey Burp can be personalized
with baby name or initials!

Pink Sock Monkey Blanket
Soft and Cuddly!
Add a name across the corner
for a very special gift!

Blue Sock Monkey Blanket
Generous size for early swaddling
and "Night-Night" tucking for toddlers!

Cute, Cute for Twin Gifts!
Perfect weight for our climate...
Or is our climate everywhere
right now?

Friday, July 8, 2011


New Votive Size for the
Candle Fragrances We LOVE!

Double Color or Wear it Long!
Multi-Colored Stones and
Matching Earrings

More Pottery Votive Holders
for Yummy Fragrances:
Vanilla Pound Cake, Lemon Ice Box Cookies,
Apricot-Blackberry, and Roasted Espresso!

Slinky Bracelets in
Copper and Gun Metal
Love the Feel of These on the Arm!

Choices Choices!
Single Votive Size
Choice of Pot and Choice of Fragrance!

Gorgeous Filagree and Pearls!
Vintage Silver or Gold Bracelets

Candles in Red Daisy Pottery
and Great Fragrances too!

Pottery Frog as well as Bird for
Very Interesting Candles!

Bling and Black with Chains=Perfect Bracelet Combination!

Easy Magnetic Closure Bracelet!
Very Pretty!
Beaded Loops Create a Big Statement!
Matching Bead Earrings!

Love the Birds?
Pottery Bird Candles in Brown and Coral
holding Fabulous Scents!

Golden Brown Daisy Too!

Chains and Pearls for Dress-UP or
Casual Affairs!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

As we approach Independence Day,
remember...The American Flag does not fly
because the wind moves past it.
The American flag flies from
the last breath of each military member
who died protecting it.
American soldiers don't fight because
they hate what's in front of them,
they fight because they
love what's behind them.

Thanks to my friend Kathy Sims for this quote!

Polycarbonate Pitcher and Tumblers
We have a few red pitchers right now!

Celebrating the 4th of July means
FAMILY, Friends, Fireworks,
Picnics and Barbecue!
Decorate or Clean it Up
Stars and Stripes Forever Dish Towels!

Add the Salad to the Barbecue!
Melamine Bowls for Pasta, Potato,
or Veggie Salads!

Serve it up with Crawfish Servers!

Old Glory at her finest!
Buffet Napkins or Guest Towels in
Patriotic Red Caddy
Matching Cocktail Napkins too!
Coordinates with Red pin dot or
 Big Red Polka Dot Napkins!

Patriotic Boot!
Set of two Flour Sack Towels!
To Display or Use 'em!
Easy Dip Mixes!
Mighty Tasty Too!
Patriotic (or LTU Fan!) Plate for Cheese Ball
and Stars,Dots and Stripes Spreaders!
Cobalt Blue Pitcher and Tumblers
Dishwasher Safe!