Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mardi Gras Time!

Extend the life of your tree!
It's a Mardi Gras Tree!
Traditional, but not really!
Saved some Glittery Purple,
Gold, and Green
Swirly Tree Toppers
for all through the tree!

Glittered Fleur de lis topped Mardi Gras Bow!

Fleur de lis Koozies and Bottle Openers!
(oops!  sorry!  we're all gone)

Iron Fleur de lis Hooks
Use all year long!

Just the Right Size!
Love these Fleur de lis embellished mugs!
Your coffee won't get cold before you finish!
Fit quiet nicely on the Rustic Wood Tray!

Decorate or Clean-up with taupe
Fleur de lis Towels!

Gold, Green, and Purple!
Just the right colors:
Chevron Towels, Decorative Plate,
for a little touch of Mardi Gras, and
don't forget the Napkins!

Mix Green polka dot Platter, Gold LeFleur Tumblers and Pitcher with Fleur de lis Spreaders and
Little Bowl and Fork!

Louisiana Alligator Spreader!
Surprise addition for your table!

Louisiana Proud!
SKOSH Sterling Louisiana Necklace!

Silver Louisiana Pendant topped with
Gold Fleur de lis Charm!