Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Home for the Holidays!

Monogrammed Dish Towels
Special Gift for the Kitchen!
FRI. DEC. 17th!
(We have Santa and Snowman Dishtowels now!)

Subtle Fleur de Lis Tops Scroll Tree
Deep Red Platter Accented with
Gold Fleur de Lis
Tannenbaum Candle
Topped Off with
Christmas Tree Ornament

Fleur de Lis Statue in Warm Earth Tones

Crimson Platter with Whimsical Trees
and Snowflakes

Holiday Plates, Platters, and Pans!
Christmas is Everywhere!

Wooden Bowl for Salads or Apples
Whimsical Snowman
Dishtowl Set and Soaps

Very Nice! 
Pewter Bowl with Fleur de Lis
Accent Handles
Christmas Tree and
Wreath Cocktail Napkins

Capture Family Memories in
Special Frames and Photo Albums

Believe and Let It Snow in Small,
Medium, and Large

Feather Topped Stocking Wall Hangings
Picture This:Hanging from your
stair railing in your foyer!
(Great idea April!)

Scroll Cupcake and Stuffed
Cupcake Ornaments

Peace on Earth Bowl and Gift Spreader

Small Santa Dish and Spreader
Perfect for a Small Cheese Ball
or Candy Dish with no Spreader

Red Metallic Rhinestone
Snowflake Studded Purse Mirror
Inside you'll find the perfect
regular image and magnified mirrors!
Packed in a little black velvet snowflake bag
Perfect little stocking stuffer for HER!

Silver and Gold Insignia Initials and
Mix & Match Charms

Silver M and Fleur de Lis Charm

Silver J, Fleur de Lis Charm and Pearl

Large Mother's A and Mini Child's a

Silver C and Pearl

Mother's D, Mini Child's j, and Pearl