Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Holidays Jingle!

Cupcake Fusion Glass Plate
Cute year round!

Gingerbread House Fusion Glass Plate
Crystal Angels and Crystal Frame

Reindeer topped Plate
Matching Spreaders and Dessert Servers too!
Mini Loaf Pans!
So cute with Santa and Reindeer handles!

Mini Loaf Pans decorated with
Christmas tree and gifts!
Cute Santa spreaders available too!

Santa topped plate!
Large size platter with Santa,
Reindeer, and Snowman
cookie decorations too!

Lots of gorgeous ornaments!

Lots of whimsical ornaments too!

Snowman Ornament!

Happy Santa Teapot!

Cookie Ornaments!
Good enough to eat!

Cookie Ornaments!
Cute for tree, garland, and wreath!